Reading Programme for Secondary School

Dedicated to cater to the school’s needs for a high-quality, structured and flexible academic programme, Adept Learning ensures that our Reading Programme is designed to:

  • Complement the school’s English syllabus
  • Encourage self-directed learning of targeted English skills
  • Promote holistic development of students with diverse range of educational topics
  • Support home-based learning or holiday assignments

Building literacy skills from Secondary 1 to 4, our Progressive Reading Programme provides a skill-based structure in aim to cultivate a habit of discerning inquiry and mindful writing among students of different language abilities:

  1. Read widely across a range of text types.
  2. Discern information through a process of analysing, reflecting and inquiry. Extract writing tips and literary devices for the various essay types, e.g. recount, critical response, expository, descriptive, etc.
  1. Apply and reinforce language skills.

Available resources in our Reading Programme:

  • Educational magazines
  • Differentiated English worksheets
  • Teacher’s Guides
  • Author’s Talks
  • E-magazines

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