Reading Programme for Primary School

Dedicated to cater to the school’s needs for a high-quality, structured and flexible academic programme, Adept Learning ensures that our Reading Programme is designed to:

  • Complement the school’s English syllabus
  • Complement classroom teaching strategies
  • Encourage self-directed learning of targeted English skills
  • Promote holistic development of students with diverse range of educational topics
  • Support home-based learning or holiday assignments

Building literacy skills from Primary 1 to 6, our Progressive Reading Programme provides a skill-based structure in aim to build mastery of discerning inquiry for primary students:

  1. Read widely across a range of text types.
  2. Discern information through a process of analysing, reflecting and inquiry.
  3. Apply and reinforce language skills.

Available resources in our Reading Programme:

  • Educational magazines
  • Differentiated English worksheets
  • Teacher’s Guides
  • Author’s Talks
  • E-magazines

Whiz P3 & P4

Ace P5 & P6

Other Titles