Why should I subscribe to magazines?

Magazines bring a great variety of current content, are easy-to-read, and get students excited about visiting the library to get their hands on the next issue.

With a variety of topics and rich visuals, magazines are more successful in capturing the interest of youths.

Weaker readers tend to find magazines less threatening than storybooks or novels as text is chunked into manageable segments.

Non-fiction magazines spark youths to take interest in current and global issues, help them to develop critical reading skills, as a result, contribute to their academic success.


What are the popular magazines among secondary school students?

Youths generally have a wide range of interests and enjoy reading about a variety of topics. It is recommended for school libraries to have a good mix of Non-Fiction, Current Affairs, Science & Discovery, People and Cultures, History, as well as Leisure/Sports magazines.

Check out our most popular magazines for primary schools below!

How do I subscribe?

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