Dear Parents,

As many experienced educators would agree, reading helps a child to improve academic results and learn valuable skills that are useful throughout life. Cultivating a habit of wide and purposeful reading transforms a child into a self-efficacious and confident adult, one who contributes actively to the community/society and lives with motivation.

Adept Learning offers a wide range of educational books and magazines that seeks to aid all parents and children in achieving their learning goals.


Are you looking for learning resources to supplement your child’s academic studies, as well as increase his/her general knowledge and global awareness which are essential for building effective speaking and writing skills?


To know more about these resources, CLICK on these educational magazines that are specially designed to strengthen English language skills through a focus on Current Affairs and language boosters aligned to the school syllabus.

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Do you have a curious and inquisitive child who enjoys spending hours exploring the unknown? Does he/she always have a ton of burning questions about nature, space, history and what’s happening around the world? Or maybe, you want your child to gain interest in discovering more about the world and its wonders!


To know more about these resources, CLICK on these Award-Winning magazines that will leave young readers in awe and full of knowledge!

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Are you looking for assessment books or guide books to provide your child with the practice needed to improve his/her academic grades? English Language, Mathematics, Science, Mother Tongue, we have it!

To see our range of assessment/guide books, CLICK on these resources that reach out to different age groups.

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