BEYOND offers Upper Secondary EXP/NA students a diverse variety of current topics, authentic non-fiction texts, and skill-based language practice.

Incorporating reading intervention strategies in each article, BEYOND helps students to:

  • Interpret and analyse text types and structures
  • Identify language features, literary devices and their functions

BEYOND also features a section on local writers to increase awareness of local literature.

Articles are written based on broad educational themes:

  • Current world events and phenomena
  • Historical world events and perspectives
  • World’s places of interest and cultures
  • New technology and its impact on our human lives
  • Social emotional learning, physical and mental health
  • Singapore issues
  • Personal recounts and reflections
  • Feature on local writers
  • Critical response on issues at hand

Practice Section inside BEYOND cover language skills based on MOE English Syllabus 1128:

Paper 1:

  • Grammar Editing
  • Situational Writing
  • Essay Writing

Paper 2:

  • Visual Literacy
  • Comprehension

Paper 3:

  • Listening Comprehension

Paper 4:

  • Oral Communication

Lightbulb Tips: Identify writer’s intent and text type. E.g. Discursive, Personal Recount, Hybrid. Language for impact & text analysis pointers unpack text and identify literary devices for effective reading and writing.

QR Codes: Related videos extend reader experience and encourage acquiring of information from different sources

Let’s Discuss: Higher Order ThinkingQuestions promote critical thinking and creative problem solving

Word Bank: Highlighted thematic vocabulary enriches writing and speaking skills


Writing skills on featured text types

Explicit teaching of grammar and vocab skills

Accompanying Teacher’s Guide containing teaching and learning activities

Differentiated worksheets provide language practice for the various exam-based sections aligned to the MOE English Syllabus 1128:

Upper Secondary NA

  • Editing
  • Visual Text
  • Reading Comprehension