A child’s love of reading starts early and no one fosters it better than LADYBUG, the magazine that features beautiful poetry, engaging illustrations, and enchanting stories for kids from 3 to 6 years old. Dedicated to charming preschoolers and their parents, LADYBUG is filled with beautiful illustrations from award-winning artists and crammed with captivating stories that are meant to be read aloud and are just the right length for a cozy cuddle.


Let your imagination soar through the sky along with birds, paper airplanes, and friendly dragons!

Pretending to be an airplane, making airplanes, learning about parachutes and kites, riding on the backs of birds, or hanging out with dragons, there’s no end to the possibilities of play your kids will be inspired to try after reading this LADYBUG. Hands on crafts, songs, poems, and games are all part of the fun and will get your kids up and flying high.

Enjoy features including:

  • Let’s Pretend by Marilyn Kratz
  • When Dragon Shrank by Maggie Murphy
  • The Green Team by Ken Lamug
  • Albert’s Flowers
  • A Sweet Spring Strawberry Day by Megan Wagner Lloyd
  • Song for the World by Mary Catherine Johnson
  • All Aboard by Beverly McLoughland
  • The Secret Airport by Kris MacLeod
  • Silly Suitcases
  • Flying by Kurt Metzler
  • Fantastic Fliers
  • High Fliers