WHIZ ISSUE 15: Bushfire Kids Visit – Behind the News

NSW & QLD have been dealing with deadly bushfires for more than a week now, and hundreds of schools are closed. We visit some of the affected areas to find out how kids are coping.

Why is it so hard for firefighters to put out wildfires?

“Why is it so hard for firefighters to put out wildfires?” This question came from Najé, a 5th Grader from the US.

Go on a virtual tour around Tiong Bahru with Minister Indranee Rajah

Join Minister Indranee Rajah on a virtual tour around Tiong Bahru – a conservation neighbourhood known for its old world charm, distinctive Art Deco pre-war public housing flats and more!

History of Queenstown | On The Red Dot | CNA Insider

“The block opposite was 12 storeys high. Going up there and looking down made our legs tremble.” – Queenstown resident, Mr Tan, who lives in one of Singapore’s oldest Housing & Development Board blocks, remembering the old neighbourhood with On The Red Dot.

The myth of Prometheus – Iseult Gillespie

Before the creation of humanity, the Greek gods won a great battle against a race of giants called the Titans. Most Titans were destroyed or driven to the eternal hell of Tartarus. But the Titan Prometheus, whose name means foresight, persuaded his brother Epimetheus to fight with him on the side of the Gods. Iseult Gillespie shares the myth of Prometheus.

The myth of Pandora’s box – Iseult Gillespie

Pandora was the first mortal woman, breathed into being by Hephaestus, god of fire. The gods gave her gifts of language, craftsmanship and emotion. From Zeus she received two gifts: the trait of curiosity and a heavy box screwed tightly shut — never to be opened. But what treasure could never be seen by human eyes, and why was it in her care? Iseult Gillespie explores the mystery of Pandora’s box.

The incredible story of the boy who invented Braille | BBC Ideas

How 15-year-old Louis Braille invented a revolutionary tactile code for the visually impaired.

Braille smartwatch for the visually impaired

The Dot Watch has reinvented tactile communication, bringing modern innovation to the visually impaired.

The brilliance of bioluminescence – Leslie Kenna

Some lucky animals are naturally endowed with bioluminescence, or the ability to create light. The firefly, the anglerfish, and a few more surprising creatures use this ability in many ways, including survival, hunting, and mating. Leslie Kenna investigates this magical glow – and our quest to replicate it.

8 Beautiful Sea Creatures That Glow In The Dark

8 of the most beautiful sea creatures that can actually glow in the dark.

The Rules of Table Tennis (Ping Pong) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Table Tennis, otherwise known as Ping Pong. A beginner’s explanation of Olympic Table Tennis Rules. Watch this short video tutorial guide on how to play Ping Pong / Table Tennis under Olympic and ITTF rules. Learn about deuce, out of turn, singles, doubles, top spin, side spin, sets, rallies, points, reflexes and more.

OMRON Forpheus AI Ping Pong at CES 2020

Can a member of our team best a robot in ping pong?

How to Make a Blanket Fort – Three Ways!

How to build a blanket fort using simple items from around your house, demonstrated 3 different ways! Remember, no two forts are the same, but use these tips and fort ideas to make the best fort ever. Grab some blankets and sheets, clothes pins, etc. and make one! 

How to Make Simple French Toast

See how to make a foolproof French toast from your favorite kind of bread. A great way to start your morning!

Physical Activities For Kids: Get Active At Home!

This 12-minute video contains fun physical exercises for kids they can do at home. These are mini-workouts children can perform in order to get stronger, burn calories and spend some of their infinite energy!

Singapore launches first set of 24-hour activity guidelines for children, teens

The first set of 24-hour activity guidelines for children in Singapore has been launched. It aims to help those aged seven to 18 adopt healthy habits across areas like physical activity, screen time and sleep. The recommendations are based on recent data, international guidelines, and a survey done by KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.