HORIZONS ISSUE 46- Emily explains Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah in this video

Bar Mitzvah

When does someone become an adult? Emily recently had her Bat Mitzvah at an Orthodox Synangogue and is now a Daughter of the Commandment and responsible for her own actions. She talks about the ceremony and compares it to her friend Ben’s Bar Mitzvah.

Esports players train like professional athletes

Professional Gamers

Esports players train like traditional professional athletes with regular gym visits, performance coaching, and a nutritionist-designed diet. CompLexity, an esports franchise, is developing training that borrows straight from the books of professional football players – and there’s a reason for that.

Video gamers are the new student athletes

Student atheletes

Players at major new college competitions don’t use cleats or pads – but rather video game controllers. Nearly 200 universities are offering big scholarships for gamers to build up programs like those for traditional athletics.

Check out this full self-driving mode in a Tesla


Full Self-Driving

The ethical dilemma of self-driving cars

Self Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are already cruising the streets today. And while these cars will ultimately be safer and cleaner than their manual counterparts, they can’t completely avoid accidents altogether. How should the car be programmed if it encounters an unavoidable accident? Patrick Lin navigates the murky ethics of self-driving cars.

A victim shares how she survived an ‘honour killing’

Honour Killing

The murder of a young pregnant woman in Pakistan by her family earlier this year, pushed the issue of “honour killings” into the spotlight.

The importance of ‘face’ in China

Face in China

‘Face’ or ‘mianzi’ is a often misunderstood human characteristic, which plays an important role in China. Failure to understand its significance in business relationship can cause tension and in worst cases, a complete breakdown of a relationship.

A video explanation of the Vietnamese tourist who was scammed

Vietnamese tourist falls prey to scam

A Vietnamese tourist who tried to buy a phone for his girlfriend while visiting Singapore as a tourist got trapped in a scam run by an unscrupulous cell phone shop owner that has tarnished Singapore’s “clean” reputation.

What is vigilante justice?


Learn about the college admissions scandal here

College scandal

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are among dozens of parents facing felony charges in what investigators say is the largest-ever college admissions cheating scam.

Inside China’s gruelling sports schools

Gruelling sports schools

Children as young as four spend up to 10 hours a day training to be the next Olympians at schools such as Chen Jinglun in the city of Hangzhou. Some go on to sporting stardom, but others have their hopes dashed.

Ronny Chieng talks about whether he is more Singaporean or Malaysian

Ronny Chieng

CNA Lifestyle hung out with the 34-year-old stand-up comedian and The Daily Show correspondent at Tiong Bahru Market, where he shared what it was like to travel between the two countries for school every day – over his favourite hawker food, of course.

McDonalds vs KFC breakfast in China

Fast Foods in China

Over 10 items from KFC and McDonald’s were sampled in a quest to find the best breakfast in fast food restaurants.

Check out the city of Kunming


Yes, Kunming is as awesome as it sounds. A city in CHINA with little/no pollution, mega chill vibes, and because it’s neither too hot in summer or too cold in winter, there are always flowers around!

Expat children living in Singapore


A Singaporean child in China

In China

Mo Wenxuan is like any other 9-year-old here; you would be hard-pressed to tell she’s a first-generation Singaporean. But how will she fare in her father’s original hometown in China, away from the material comforts in Singapore?