BEYOND ISSUE 35 – A look at one of Microsoft’s massive data centres


At CES 2021, Microsoft’s Brad Smith gives a tour of Microsoft’s massive data center in Quincy, Washington, where the company runs its cloud operations.

BEYOND ISSUE 35 – How does a hybrid car work?

Hybrid Car

We take a look at hybrid cars, how hybrid cars work and what the future looks like for hybrid cars.

BEYOND ISSUE 35 – A Secret Look Inside a Chinese Labor Program for Uighurs 

Chinese Labour Programme

China is relocating Uighurs and other Muslim minorities to urban areas as part of a contentious labor program. The Times obtained rare footage taken inside one.

BEYOND ISSUE 35 – The “ethnic cleansing” of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims, explained

Ethnic Cleansing

The Rohingya have been systematically driven out by the Myanmar government leading to the fastest growing humanitarian crisis in recent years.

BEYOND ISSUE 35 – Pennsylvania’s Amish Country

Amish Country

Pennsylvania’s Amish population maintains its religious practices and austere way of life, tending some of the most productive farmland in the country.

BEYOND ISSUE 35 – A Day in the Life of an Amish Person

Life of an Amish person

The Amish live a very simple lifestyle and most people may know very little about their culture and beliefs. Today we are going to see what an average day is like for an Amish family. What is their everyday routine like? And how do they live a happy life without electricity and internet? Seriously?

BEYOND ISSUE 35 – Visit Hamilton Island in 360˚ Virtual Reality with Qantas

Virtual Reality

Qantas, Hamilton Island and Samsung have partnered to create a unique and exciting virtual reality experience of one of Australia’s most popular and scenic holiday destinations.

BEYOND ISSUE 35 – How does VR work?


How can a tiny cardboard box make you feel like you’re miles away at a sandy beach? And why aren’t we all living in a virtual world right now, if it all seems so great? Valentina Shin, a Ph.D. student in the Computer Graphics Group at MIT’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, explains!

BEYOND ISSUE 35 – Why Russia competed as ROC in the Tokyo Olympics

Russia in Olympics

Russia is banned from Toyko 2020 because of past doping violations but more than 300 athletes are competing under the banner of the Russian Olympic Committee – and they’re winning a string of medals.

BEYOND ISSUE 35 – Anti-doping social science research


WADA – Anti-Doping Social Science Research

BEYOND ISSUE 35 – Law Minister K Shanmugam on xenophobia and racism


Singapore is warning against racism. Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said things have been stirred up in recent times, with some people deliberately stoking fear and encouraging it. He added that it’s dangerous conduct, and can lead to whole communities being targeted.

BEYOND ISSUE 35 – What is a stroke?


A simple animation explaining what a stroke is, how to recognise the key symptoms, how it is treated, and what we can all do to prevent strokes from happening.

BEYOND ISSUE 35 – Swallowing and Communication after Stroke

How stroke affects speech

Learn how a stroke can affect skills such as swallowing, communicating and thinking and what you can do to help with recovery.

BEYOND ISSUE 35 – Edwin Thumboo

Edwin Thumboo

TributeSG interview with Prof Edwin Thumboo. 2012.

BEYOND ISSUE 35 – Simone Biles opens up about ‘twisties’

Simone Biles is opening up about her mental health struggles, specifically feeling “lost in the air” during routines.

BEYOND ISSUE 35 – Michelle Obama speaks about low-grade depression

Michelle Obama

In her new podcast, former first lady Michelle Obama is opening up about what she calls “low-grade depression” she feels amid life under quarantine and the weight of racial injustice, and suggests strategies for others dealing with similar pressures.