ACE offers Upper Secondary NT and Lower Secondary EXP/NA students a diverse variety of current topics, authentic non-fiction texts, and skill-based language activities including Listening.

Articles are written based on broad educational themes:

  • Global and environmental issues
  • Singapore stories and issues
  • Cultures and diversity
  • Inspiring personalities and leaders
  • Nature and humans’ impact on it
  • Sports
  • Personal recounts
  • Social emotional learning and character building
  • Ambitions and careers

Language activities inside ACE cover language skills such as:

  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Listening

QR Codes: Related videos extend reader experience and encourage acquiring of information from different sources

Word Bank: Highlighted thematic vocabulary enriches writing and speaking skills

Let’s Discuss: Higher Order Thinking Questions promote critical thinking and creative problem solving

Differentiated worksheets provide language practice for the various exam-based sections aligned to the MOE English Syllabus 1128/1190/1195:

Upper Secondary NT

  • Editing
  • Language in Spoken Context
  • Modified Cloze
  • Reading Comprehension

Lower Secondary EXP/NA

  • Editing
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Summary Writing
  • Vocabulary in Context