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At 90, Leong Yuet Meng of Nam Seng Wonton Noodle House is probably the oldest working hawker legend in Singapore.

Despite her age, she is up by 4:30 am every morning. Her motivation? Simply going to work and serving that simple bowl of wonton noodles to her customers.


Some youths are drawn towards the hawker trade despite the long hours and rising rental costs. Why do they do it? Would you?


Dr Bel, SPCA’s only full-time veterinarian, sees 25 to 35 animals a day. This is her story.


Do you love helping animals? Learn what it takes to become a veterinarian!

What is a ‘climate refugee’?  Find out more about Tuvalu and some other countries which already have climate refugees. 


CNN’s Bill Weir went to Isle de Jean Charles on the Louisiana coast as residents grapple with moving their community inland as water levels surrounding the island continue to rise.


Learn all about how to jump into the exciting sport of indoor rock climbing now!

Rock climber Noralfy Ramdzan tells us why he loves the sport.


Come along with me as I take a hot air balloon ride with the folks from Balloons Above in Palm Springs, California (Coachella Valley). If you’ve never taken a hot air balloon ride, you simple must include it on your bucket list!

Here’s a video of what it is like to take a hot air balloon ride over Bagan, Myanmar

Watch this video about a volunteer recounting his experience of preparing 5,000 meals at a soup kitchen!

Dr. Loh Sit Fong is a clinical psychologist who has been volunteering in humanitarian relief work all over the world in the past decade. She put herself in the line of danger for others while going on a volunteer trip to Nepal for the earthquake relief work with Insaf Technical Relief Malaysia. Dr Loh shares with us on how to go about being a part of a disaster relief program!

What’s it like for paramedics transporting suspected coronavirus cases? As of mid-April 2020, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) ambulances have conveyed over 1,300 suspected and more than 20 confirmed #COVID19 cases to the hospitals. Paramedic Zuhaili Zullkafli works with two other emergency medical technicians (EMTs), who include a full-time National Serviceman (NSman).

If you are considering being a paramedic in Singapore, watching this video may help you decide.