OUR WORLD- Social Media Security

Need tips on getting a stronger password for yourself? Check out this video!

Be aware of these common methods used to hack accounts online, as well as how we can take precautions against them.

FOOTSTEPS- Peranakan Cuisine

Watch this video to see how kueh pie tee shells are made. It is quite a unique process!!

Look at how the buah keluak is prepared in a careful and unique manner.

CULTURE TALK – Loy Krathong Festival

See how a traditional krathong is made, in this short video.

Check out these stunning scenes from the Yi Peng Festival in 2019.

HEROES – Social Enterprises

Watch this video to find out who signs up for classes at the Kapap Academy and why they do so.

Want to know more about social enterprises started by Singaporean women? Check out this video to find out how these three socially conscious businesses are succeeding.

MOTHER NATURE – Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Find out more about what genebanks do and why they are important to our current and future generations.

Tourists are not allowed to enter the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, but you can do so, in this video! Check out what it looks like inside the vault.

SPORTS – Flying a Plane

Watch this video to see professionals taking part in an aerobatic competition

Watch this video to discover what aeromodelling competitions are like.

MY EXPERIENCE- My Trip to Okinawa

Go on a virtual tour of Iriomote Island in this short video.

Check out a water buffalo cart ride in Taketomi island!

INSPIRATION- Animal Therapy

Watch this video to see ‘Flirty’, an emotional support miniature horse, make history by taking a flight in the passenger cabin!

Watch this video to meet Wally, an emotional support alligator!

AMBITION- Sculptor

Marble sculptures usually look extremely elegant and grand. But the process of making one is quite complicated. Check out how it is done in this video.

Madame Tussauds is one of the most famous museums that is known for its realistic wax figures. Find out how they produce the sculptures in this video.