OUR WORLD- Using shared bike services responsibly

Here’s a video that was done in 2017 to showcase oBike and oFo, two of the first bike-sharing systems to enter Singapore:

Watch this video to see how two bike-sharing companies want to expand in Singapore.

FOOTSTEPS- Samsui Women

Watch this video to see an interview with a real, former Samsui woman and hear the story of how their iconic red headgear came about

Watch this video of an interview with Madam Ng Moey Chye, a former Samsui woman. She shares about her experiences as a Samsui woman

CULTURE TALK – The Holi festival

A videographer tries to capture the celebrations and finds himself in the thick of the action!

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Get an Up-Close Look at the Colorful Holi Festival being celebrated by the masses in the streets!

HEROES – Florence Nightingale

Find out more about Florence Nightingale and her contributions to nursing.

Some people think that nurses are mostly females and that they are assistants to doctors. That is far from the truth nowadays. Nursing in itself is a highly respected profession that requires years of education and training. Find out more about how life is like for Ryan Chua, a senior staff nurse at the Singapore Skin Centre and his curious hobby

MOTHER NATURE – Ring of Fire

Here are some brief facts about the Ring of Fire!

Check out this video for a more detailed and visual explanation of how the movement of plates causes volcanic and earthquake activities.

SPORTS – Canoeing vs Kayaking

Watch this video to learn how to recover when your kayak capsizes.

Check out this video to learn the basics of Stand Up Paddling.

MY EXPERIENCE- Going on a Picnic

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Ever wonder what people from other parts of the world eat at their picnics? Find out in this short video!

Having a picnic in the warm weather of Singapore can be fun. But with the heat, it is important to ensure that the food in your picnic basket is safe to eat. Find out more about food safety during a picnic

INSPIRATION- How to stop procrastinating

This girl explains that procrastination is about managing her feelings – of fear.

Not enough? Here are some additional tips to help fight procrastination!

AMBITION- Orchestra Conductor

The current Associate Conductor of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, is our very own home-grown conductor, Joshua Tan. He started off as a violinist before going on to become a conductor. In 2011, he was conferred the Young Artist Award for his achievements. Watch this video to see what he thinks about his job and passion.

Watch this video to find out what conductors actually do on stage, and who some of the great conductors of the past were.