OUR WORLD- New Year Celebrations Around the World

Watch the bell-ringing ceremony in Japan in this video

Find out about more New Year traditions in this short clip.

FOOTSTEPS- Singapore’s Notes and Coins

A bank note is a little piece of the country’s history. Other than the security designs, what are some unique features that can make a piece of bank note highly valuable? Find out more in the video below.

Did you know that the Singapore Mint produces both circulation and commemorative coins for Singapore, as well as commemorative coins for other countries such as Bhutan, Thailand and even New Zealand? Watch this video below to find out more.

CULTURE TALK – Breakfast Food Around the World

Coffee with butter is increasingly rare in Singapore. This is one of the few places left in Singapore where you will be able to find it

Watch this video clip to see what breakfast food around the world looks like

HEROES – Animal Heroes

Do animals really save people? Watch this video to see examples where animals have supposedly saved people

Do you believe that animals have a sixth sense? Watch this video about research on dogs’ amazing abilities

MOTHER NATURE – Intelligent Animals

Find out more about the amazing brain of the octopus in this video

Check out how crows use cars to crack open nuts for food

SPORTS – Rock Climbing

Get a good introduction to rock climbing by watching this video.

Watch this amazing 11-year-old girl who is such a great rock climber, with many climbing records in her name!

MY EXPERIENCE- Dining in the Dark

Find out more about how the experiences of other diners at DID in this video

You need not travel to all the way to Bangkok to experience dining in the dark. We have one right here in Singapore. Find out more about how dining at Nox is like by watching this video

INSPIRATION- Making Friends

Watch this very short film about the true story of a man and his good friend.

Listen to what these children have to say about making friends. The things they say may sound simple, but they’re really true!

AMBITION- Ballerina

Watch a demonstration of basic ballet steps and learn more ballet terms here

Check out a professional ballerina doing the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” from a ballet called “The Nutcracker” here