OUR WORLD- Space Exploration

What is a dwarf planet?

How can NASA’s Parker Solar Probe survive the Sun’s extreme heat? Find out here

FOOTSTEPS- Origins of Singapore Road Names

Here’s a short video on street names in Singapore

Here are some very unusual street names in Singapore

CULTURE TALK – The Loba Tribe from Nepal

Catch a glimpse of the Loba in Mustang in this short video.

HEROES – Unlikely Heroes – Robert Downey Jr

Watch Robert Downey Jr announcing his commitment, ‘The Footprint Coalition’ to fight climate change.

To find out more about this unlikely hero who inspired countless directors and actors, watch this short clip about Charlie Chaplin and his life

MOTHER NATURE – Bhutan’s Negative Carbon Footprint

Find out more about the fascinating kingdom of Bhutan in this video

SPORTS – Badminton

Watch this short video to find out a little more about badminton legend Lee Chong Wei

Watch this video to see how you can grip the badminton racket, as well as the different kinds of ways to hit a shuttlecock

INSPIRATION- Social Awareness

Watch this video on social awareness

Watch this clip from Inside Out


Watch this video to gain insight into the Singapore Youth Flying Club and learning to fly as a pilot

Watch this video to see a real pilot give a tour of the cockpit of his F-14 (fighter jet), and to see the plane flying in the sky on aerial display