OUR WORLD- Save Our Forests

The term “urban jungle” to describe Singapore has taken on another meaning as animals encroach in urban spaces.

Watch this short video for a better understanding of why we should support the FSC.

OUR WORLD- Save Our Forests

Find out why and where lightning strikes most in the world!

Watch this short film about the St Andrew’s Cathedral by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore.

CULTURE TALK – Traditional Costumes (Sarong Kebaya)

Watch a video about Singapore Airline’s kebaya here

Kebaya maker Heath Yeo shows us how he makes a kebaya

HEROES – Valentina Vladimirovna

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an astronaut? Find out in this short video.

Find out more about his experience and ordeal when diving from space by watching this clip here.

MOTHER NATURE – Flora and Fauna at the Arctic

Other than the bearberry and the purple saxifrage, there are other Arctic plants that have special features to help them adapt to the cold climate. Find out more about these adaptations by watching this video.

The Antarctica is the furthest southern point on Earth and is also home to a variety of animals and plants such as moss, lichens, penguins and whales despite being much colder than the Arctic. Find out more about the differences between these two coldest points on Earth.


watch this video to see record-breaking times of teams changing tyres at the pitstop.

watch this video for an introduction of the Singapore F1 race route.

MY EXPERIENCE- Performing at the NDP

Watch the Red Lions in action at NDP 2018!

In the upcoming NDP 2019, the marching band segment has taken on a whole new meaning by combining members from the Singapore Armed Forces Band, the Singapore National Cadet Corps Command Band and students from the Association for Persons with Special Needs Tanglin School in a special combined drum performance. Find out more about it by watching this video

INSPIRATION- Digital Detox

You don’t have to dive straight into an extreme digital detox. Take gradual steps, such as coming up with a digital diet sheet. Find out more, in this short video. Insert QR code here

Watch this video to find out more the effects of sleep deprivation and how much sleep you should be getting. Insert QR code here


Linda shares why she treasures the experience of being a Primary school teacher

Watch these teachers get surprised on Teachers’ Day QR Code: