Take a look in this short video, at one of the tunnels that have been discovered!

Watch this video to find out more about the ‘peace’ village on the northern side of the border.

FOOTSTEPS- Traditional Games

Check out how you can make a zero point rope in this short video!

There can be ten stages in the game of five stones. Find out what they are here

HEROES – Mothers

Listen to what some mothers from around the world think about motherhood. You’ll be surprised at the similarities!

Check out this video on how to make carnations using paper!

MOTHER NATURE – Amazing Algae

Great strides have been made in recent years towards making renewable energy resources more accessible. Harnessing wind power, solar energy and now algae. Watch this video to find out how Dave Hazlebeck, CEO of Global Algae Innovations, plans to change the way we produce food and fuel

Check out this video to find out how seaweed, a favourite food for many of us, is being grown and produced fresh in Long Island, USA

SPORTS – Badminton

Check out how a badminton racquet is made

Watch an interview with Yeo Jia Min here

MY EXPERIENCE- Exploring Chek Jawa

There is a lot happening on Pulau Ubin! Find out what is in store on this captivating island

Have you seen or heard of creatures such as scorpion fish, fiddler crab, sole fish or a thorny sea cucumber? Do you know that we have these interesting creatures right here in Singapore? Find out more by watching this video below

INSPIRATION- Study-Life Balance


Here’s a more detailed explanation of the Pomodoro method

Try these fun exercises at home! You can even do them during your study breaks. They should bring some smiles and lots of health!

AMBITION- Firefighter

Look at this video to find out more about wildfires, including what causes them

Watch this video to see firefighters sliding down a firepole using the Bear Hug Method, during an emergency response situation.