Here is a video showing the removal of a plastic fork from a sea turtle.

OUR WORLD- Say No to Plastic

According to Talking Point, Singaporeans throw away more than 2,500 bags every three seconds.

FOOTSTEPS- Five-Foot-Ways

Look at some architectural features associated with shophouses in this short video

Check out this scene of a thriving Five-Foot-Way in Bangkok:

CULTURE TALK – Wayang Kulit

Make your own puppet using cardboard and other simple materials! 

Check out a simple gamelan performance here

Find out what the puppet master does behind the screen:

Check out these modern puppets in the 2017 Aliwal Arts Night Crawl here:


Find out in this short video what Alibaba is about and how it works:

Here is the speech he gave when he received this award


Watch this video to find out how tsunamis are formed

Watch this video to see some scenes from the 2011 Japan tsunami, as well as some explanation on how it happened

SPORTS-Unusual Sports

Find out why chess boxing appeals to some people in this video.

Look at this video to see how the UK Wife Carrying Championships 2018 went!

Video unavailable

Watch this video to find out more about toe wrestling!


Find out more about the history of surfing here

Watch this video to learn how to surf!


Watch it here at

Catch her in action here


Watch the following video to find out more about glamping


Check out this video about glamping at East Coast Park

INSPIRATION-Benefits of Journaling

If you need some ideas on getting started, check out this video by JiGi Fabulous on her journal set-up

Check out the comparison of two such journals here

AMBITION-Speech Therapist

Watch this video to see a speech therapist discuss his work as well as show us some examples of what he does!

Watch this short video to hear what a speech therapist has to say about her job