OUR WORLD-Race to Space

Watch this short video about the challenge of providing food for a trip to Mars.

Watch this short video about NASA’s attempts to explore Mars.

FOOTSTEPS-Clifford Pier

Watch this video to hear former Clifford Pier boatmen recount their memories from the past.

Watch this short video documentary about the history of Clifford Pier.


Look at how the San hunt for food, in this video.

Look at how three San sisters are returning to the land their forefathers used to live in

HEROES-J.K. Rowling

Check out this video which tries to explain how Rowling named everything in her story.

Find out which university has a Quidditch team and how the game is played by scanning the QR code.


Look at a few blowholes in this short video.

Watch this short video clip of the Nakalele blowhole to see what a blowhole in action is like!

SPORTS-Dragon Boating

Watch this video to learn the basics of dragon boating.

Check out some highlights of the 2015 Singapore Dragon Boat Festival in this video.

MY EXPERIENCE-Starting a Business

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Check out this video for some businesses that you can consider starting.

Watch this video to see how some kids have succeeded in starting their own business!


Check out this short video to see why teamwork is important.

Look at this video to see how two elephants learn to work together.


Watch this video to get an idea of the many roles a tour guide plays.

Check out this video to find out what makes the difference between a good tour guide and a great one.