OUR WORLD-The Rise of Fake News Online

Watch this short video for some lively discussion on fake news, including the one on Geary Danley.

Here is a short video which provides more guidance for identifying fake news.


Watch this video for a rather amusing look at the Peranakan culture.

Watch this short video to see how Peranakans dress up!



Find out more about the Amish in these videos.


Find out more about the Amish in these videos.


HEROES-Are Celebrities Heroes?

Watch this video to see what makes a hero and how we can be one as well!



Watch this short video to see some real life heroes in action.


Here are 10 people who have changed the world. How many of them do you know?



Look at what the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is doing to try to save the Bluefin tuna.


Here’s an interesting way of saving the Bluefin tuna!


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Curling may seem easy for some, but it is certainly not! Check out some falls in this video.


Curling was a sport included at the recent 2018 Winter Olympic games in Pyeong Chang, South Korea. Watch this video for a brief summary of the sport.

MY EXPERIENCE-A Trip to Cameron Highlands


Check out the top 5 attractions at Cameron Highlands in this video!



Find out more about Malala in this short video

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Learning to deal with a bullying situation takes courage and strength. How do you protect yourself? Find out here!

AMBITION-Film Director


Find out what is the director’s job in this video!

Here are 10 tips for you if you want to become a film director!